The Siren Song of the Appalachian Trail

7 thoughts on “The Siren Song of the Appalachian Trail”

  1. You know we want to help with getting you to the trail, etc! So very excited for you, I can hardly wait to read your blog, it allows those of us who read it to be there with you.. I have flashbacks too, I thought I was the only one! We are planning on doing trail magic this spring, maybe we can work it out to be when you are hiking in Georgia. Oh, Kara, I’m so excited for you. I think I already said that, but I really am. I’m in awe of you too.

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    1. Hi Cheri!!!

      First off–I would LOVE to see you! …but I’m concerned about your physical well-being. I’m not sure whether I’m flying or taking the bus. I now know it’s a long, stressful drive to the airport for you. I so appreciated your picking me up for my last hike, but I certainly wasn’t expecting it this time. I would feel sort of guilty letting you pick me up again…but I want to see you!!! I’ll email and we can discuss it further.

      Thanks, too, for weighing in on the flashbacks. Freaky, huh? It makes me feel so much better knowing that I am not the only one who has had these weird flashbacks. It was sort of freaking me out!

      You and Scott are so kind to do trail magic…but I already knew you were kind. I know you know first-hand what it is like…how humbling it is to be on the trail and to accept the generosity of strangers. I hope it works out that I can maybe see you doing Trail Magic, too.

      I’m glad you are looking forward to following me! I think you’re pretty awesome, too.


    1. No…I am in awe of YOU, friend. You hiked the entire trail!

      I so appreciate your prayers and I also appreciate your advice you have freely given when I have emailed.

      Thank you for following me. I’ll continue to look for your tips and advice because I certainly want to finish this thing this time!

      You are awesome!

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