Attempting to Get All of My Chickens in a Row…

8 thoughts on “Attempting to Get All of My Chickens in a Row…”

  1. I love the organization! I imagine your healthy food will help you quite a bit in reaching your goal. You got this! Your hair looks great.


  2. Hello dear Kara!! Well, I’m catching up with you from way back here on the ‘blog trail’!! Life has had us going in a few different directions (recently found out we’re going to be a 1st time grandparents), so I got a bit delayed in keeping up with you! On the health front, well, I’m still dealing with some issues but things are slowly improving. It’s been a long winter, and I’m sure looking forward to spring, at least after this next round of winter weather rolls through!

    I know you’ve begun your hike now and I’m so excited to read here again … my hubby is looking forward to it as well! We could comment on quite a bit here, but to let you know, you’ll be in our prayers as you travel along the trail! I will say that you’ve did a wonderful job getting all your ‘ducks in a row’ …. wow, you totally amaze me with all the prep you’ve done, and you certainly have a gem of a husband right there helping you! And your ‘vitamin’ table … sure looks a lot like mine on the days I get mine together, but not on such a large scale! 😉 Oh, and about your hair … very cute!! 🙂 Looking forward to future updates, in the meantime, I’m catching up with what you’ve already posted! Happy trails to you my friend!!


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