Sleeping Pad Review

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Pad Review”

  1. I will be interested in seeing how the Sea to Summit pad does for you in the long run. I’ve had the same thoughts about the Neo Air – balloon like, how the heck to I blow that thing up…. I’m also a side sleeper and am often uncomfortable with thinner pads. Thanks for the analysis!


    1. You are welcome. Interesting that you’ve had the same experience with the Neo Air. I have high hopes for this new pad. I’ll try to give a follow-up analysis, or at least mention how it’s doing in my blog posts.


  2. Nice review. I as well look forward to your comments on the Sea to Summit pad. I have been using the Neo Air for some time. As you stated I was frustrated with the inflation of the Neo Air. I think I solved my problem by purchasing a Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Mini Pump. It will add about 2.3 oz to your weight. The con of this pump is it requires batteries, but I used it to inflate two pads on a 7 night hike of the High Sierra Trail last summer and it still had power at the end of the hike. When you combine the weight of the pad and pump it will still be a bit under the total weight of the sea to summit. But, you are correct on the noise and the balloon feel of the Neo Air. Keep us updated on the new pad, nothing like a thru hike to get “real” feedback on equipment.


    1. Thank you for weighing in on the Neo Air. It’s oddly comforting to know that others have had the same experience as I did with it. I did not know there was a pump available for the Neo Air. Thank you for letting me know about it. I’ll definitely keep that in mind, should I decide to go back to the Neo Air! Yes. I will definitely write about how the new pad is working for me.


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