Without Conflict, You Have No Story

17 thoughts on “Without Conflict, You Have No Story”

  1. You are being given a growth opportunity for sure, my dear.
    And an exercise in patience ughh.
    Hope you meet someone interesting to chat with today !

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    1. I know you are right, Mrs. B. Actually, this morning was about as much of a growth opportunity than I can handle without a bit of a reprieve to recharge. As an introvert, I am hunkered down in the far corner of the waiting area trying to avoid eye contact and conversation.😂

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  2. Hey, if this is the worst thing that happens to you on this trip, the rest will be a snap! —On another note, why are the time stamps on the comments so out of whack? I know I’m on CDT but it’s still morning here!

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  3. FYI … I got home, three hours later than expected, and Kara doesn’t know it yet since she has her phone in airplane mode.

    If I remember correctly, her plane stops in Dallas, then San Antonio (with a BIG layover and plane change) and them on to Atlanta. Hopefully, she can get some decent Mexican Food in the SA Airport while she is waiting; we get none up here~

    As far as my part of the ‘adventure’, there was a Conoco station across the street from the McD’s Kara mentioned, but the service part of it did not open until 7:00AM. Boy were they surprised to see me staring hopefully at them when they opened (they don’t usually get customers that early)! I made sure that they could service a tire and then hobbled the car over. There was a round hole about the size of a quarter in the middle of the tread of the tire, barely hanging on by a small flap of fake rubber, which meant they could not repair it, and they did not have another tire that size in stock(figures, right?!).

    Hold on a minute, this is too long already, and I really need to leave you hanging, so I’ll just say that I made it to a tire dealer and then to home, both safely! Whew!

    YES! The cat and chickens were glad to see me (sort of~).


    1. Glad you made it back safely! Thanks for filling us in! 😘 I had a Steak N Shake burger. There is actually a Mexican Food restaurant here, but I decided against it. Grateful I only have one more leg of this part of the journey left!


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