I’m Off The Trail Because Of The Weather

14 thoughts on “I’m Off The Trail Because Of The Weather”

  1. Hey Kara! So glad to see that you were able to get into a warm shelter, with companions, real food and a knee brace! (Love the “Hole in the Wall”–what a gem). I know it’s early on, but do you have a verdict yet on the new sleeping pad?


    1. Me, too, Sheila! That food was as awesome as it looks. I love the fact that my new pad blows up so quickly and easily with the pump bag. It also deflates in 5 seconds. Both are far and above the Neo Air. As far as comfort level, the verdict is not out yet. Neither gives me a great nights sleep. I wish I could try them on concurrent nights. For now, the other two
      Pluses are winning me over!

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  2. Good thing you found some shelter from the cold, friends and good food!! Going with the flow is a smart idea, sometimes we can be totally off with our vibes, they are lucky to have the wisdom of an “older sister”😀👍 Stay out of the snow Rebound, warm thoughts are with you🙌

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  3. Your commentary is so excellent. I always feel as though I’m right there in the midst of the action. Your pictures are wonderful. Please keep ‘em coming. Also, continue making your wise choices. Signed, A Rebound Cheerleader


  4. OMG I just checked weather and it looks like the HIGH for Wednesday is 39!!! With possible rain and snow. I hope you decide to stay one more night in the cabin. It is supposed to be in the 20’s tomorrow night. Maybe you could just do some slackpacking to get some miles in then back to the cabin again Wednesday night. Slackpacking ROCKS!!!

    Did you have a bunch of dead stuffed squirrels at Blood Mountain cabins? I think I stayed in the beaver cabin last time I was there. They have an interesting way of decorating the place.

    Glad you have found some company…1. To cut costs 2. For safety and 3. For hopefully for some good laughs. It’s hard to keep groups together. You’ll find they come and go.

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    1. Yeah…our original plan was to avoid the snow on Tuesday. The high today is supposed to be in the 30’s. I am staying one more night. Everyone else is moving on today. It will be cold tomorrow but not wet. Our cabin at Blood Mt DID have dead squirrels on the wall. 😂 Thx for the encouragement that groups come and go. I’m just going to try to enjoy each group/day as it comes. My attitude is to be ‘open’ and not an island unto myself like last time. After all…I’m thru hiker #1,044…there are plenty of other hikers out there! 😳


  5. I love that you are constantly thinking and keeping alert to opportunities and possibilities. Thank you for leading us through your thoughts and adventures. Thanks for the update on the sleeping pads, too. I’m looking forward to your verdict, and the Sea to Summit sounds promising so far. Sending warm thoughts!


  6. I’m watching your progress, and seeing your courage and resolve. I’m asking our God to show you “great and mighty things which you know not”. (And He most certainly will!!) This has to be a way and a place to “get in touch” with Him. I’m also enjoying the notes and progress and the beautiful pictures.
    I love you, Dad


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