…and then there were two!

10 thoughts on “…and then there were two!”

  1. Nice pictures! That’s about what our snow and air look like this morning in north Knoxville. I’m so glad you’re safe and warm. Praying for all those hikers out there in the freezing cold.

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    1. It is nice and clean, and fully equipped. There was even coffee for the coffee pot. The guy just came to get our laundry to wash it. There are still flurries coming down and the wind has kicked up.


  2. Howdy from Texas to Rebound and Soup Spot! I love these names! From your snaps I’d say you were staying in The Ritz. Coffee ready for the pot, a tv, someone to do your laundry, scenery to die for, clean and tidy digs; yes, The Ritz. If you tell me they have hot rock massages, I’ll faint! You both have made the correct choice to rest and stay out of the nasty cold. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  3. Crazy escape you got going there girl ! Love the cabin but know it isn’t what you planned so chin up, winter DOWN 😦


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