It’s Cold Out Here!

6 thoughts on “It’s Cold Out Here!”

  1. bummer struggles, Rebound-dear.
    Cold does take lots of effort to combat. Hope you have vitamins in some form, at least Cs !
    Take good care because we’re all pulling for you. Be of good cheer and we’ll keep those prayers flowing for you and your companions ❤


    1. Yes! I am taking vitamins out here. Illness spreads like wildfire out here- much more so with those who sleep in the shelters, it hostels are close proximity as well. Thank You for the prayers and encouragement!


  2. Dear Rebound, Another great post and lovely snaps. Praying for you and your trail mate Big Luscious. I wish I could send him some money as it tugged at my heart when you wrote about him selling everything before the trip. What a determined soul, as are you. Keep your posts coming as they brighten my day. c


    1. Thank you so much for your prayers for BL. You’d be surprised that many people sell everything and quit everything before starting the trail. Then they expect to start all over when they finish the trail. BL said he had no ‘plan B’. 😳 Thx for reading, Claudia.


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