24 Hours In The Life Of A Hiker–Part Two

21 thoughts on “24 Hours In The Life Of A Hiker–Part Two”

  1. Hey, Rebound.

    My trail name is Wasabi. I maintain a section in PA, between Rausch Gap Shelter and Swatara State Park. Let me know when you’re up this way and I’ll do my best to get you some goodies!

    Good luck! Stay safe!

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  2. What a treat to read about the reality of your day! No worries about posting when you can. I’m always delighted to see the notice of a new post, but I can imagine some days just getting through the journey is enough.


  3. Haha haha, had me in stitches. And then wet and cold…that’s the worst. But hiking in the clouds/fog, the best experience. I loved how my imagination increased along the trail. I just listened to the woods and my mind. Didn’t understand why hikers needed to be listening to devices. I thought they missed so much. Keep up the great hiking and blogging.


  4. Kara, Have you been receiving any of my comments on your blogs? I don’t see my comments. I’ve set up a new password and have gone too the website to read the blogs, so maybe this will help. Sounds like your birthday was blessed. Mexican food always makes a birthday great. Love you! P.S. I sent you a birthday greeting on instant messenger. Grannie


    1. No, I haven’t seen any comments from you at all. I thought you didn’t love me anymore. 😂 I see this comment so maybe it’s fixed. I’ll check the spam folder. If it happens again, contact Bud and see if he can get to the bottom of it. He has admin privileges. Maybe he can get to the bottom of it. I love you too, sweet sister!


  5. This was my fave of all your posts. I chuckled quite a few times. Are you receiving my posts? Keep up the good trailing. Coined a word there. c


  6. Rebound, when you write your book, I hope you include emails you have sent. The emails you send to me are really quite funny. I hiked in the fog on a bald and it was a bit spooky. We had about a fifty foot visibility factor. When you’re driving, the car covers that in a second or so. When you’re hiking at my pace, it could take all morning to cover that distance. Even so, it seemed SOBO’s would appear out of nowhere.

    I pray you can tolerate the wet and cold until things dry out.


    1. 😂 yeah, I’ll bet that was scary! Almost as scary as having a hiker come up behind you and say,’hello’ and not even hearing them come up! I appreciate the dogs that have bells on their collars…at least it gives me some warning! Not sure I have a book in me. Don’t know if I have much more to say than what I write on my blogs. The cold AND the wet is a bad combo. I hate dealing with a wet tent.😣


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