Walking at Home

The distance on the gravel road from out house to pavement (the highway) is 5 miles. I have been walking to the highway and back while I have been home, because I want to stay in shape for the trail. We live in a very beautiful place, and I wanted to share what I see … Continue reading Walking at Home

Home Sweet Home!

When I walked in the door at 2:30 a.m., my cat (Grace) was there to greet me. She sniffed me thoroughly and warmed up to me immediately. This is major for her, because she has TWO humans who are ‘hers’-Me and Bud. She doesn’t readily warm up to other people easily. I was glad she … Continue reading Home Sweet Home!

Just a quick comment

I still can’t respond to comments on the post about what went down at Elmer’s without wanting to cry. All of your comments and outpouring of support and prayers mean the world to me! I especially appreciated the comments from my those of you who don’t comment a lot, (because I know you might feel … Continue reading Just a quick comment