A Touch of Spring

25 thoughts on “A Touch of Spring”

    1. My knee has been doing better but had some pain for the first time in a while in that knee today. I’m wondering if my increase in ibuprofen is helping and/or hurting when I don’t take it. I hate taking it regularly


  1. Yes I remember how little time there was to get everything done on those town days, especially when all you really wanted to do was shower, eat and rest.

    Glad to hear the weather is warmer. Now if the rain would just quit it would be perfect.

    I can still remember the first time I climbed out of the NOC. It went on forever and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it.

    I got some bad news today. One of my friends that I hiked with last year was going to hit the trail again this April, but she is injured and now doesn’t want to start until September or October after she has some time to heal from a procedure that she has to have done. I had planned to hike with her for a week so I am pretty bummed about that. But I’ll just have to come up with some other plans. I have some time off around Memorial day so I just may see where you are at on the trail and join you for a short time of you don’t mind.

    Bud has been doing an awesome job of posting regular updates on you. I have really enjoyed hearing on a regular basis how things are going for you.

    Stay well, my friend, and hopefully those downhills disappear. Wishful thinking, I know. 😫I hated the downhills so painful on the knees!!!


    1. It really helps to know someone really understands what it’s like out here. Thanks for commiserating and understanding. I’m sorry about your friend’s injury, but if it means you might be able to join me, then that is good news for me (unfortunately at your friend’s expense.) just let me know if it works out for you and when. We can work out the logistics.

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  2. Thank you for the update! I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering where you were. That same storm came through Knoxville, too. It was a doozy! Glad you are safe and have a chance to dry everything. I’m so glad the patch on your sleeping pad is holding. Praying for beauty and pleasant warmth on the trail!


  3. BTW, I love how your pictures truly capture the trail. I could see the knife edge feeling on the one trail, and the steep depiction of the trail in another picture means it must have been crazy steep going down!

    You’re also looking good! Thank you for the occasional selfie. 🙂 I hope your body continues to adjust to its daily rigors.


    1. I’m glad to have confirmation that my pics are depicting what I’m trying to capture. Last time I tried to post pics of a rebar ladder and it didn’t come off well. It’s hard to tell what pics look like on this I Phone!


  4. Kara, going down to the NOC and back up in the same day shows how strong you really are. Were you camped by yourself during that storm? To me, that is always scarier than having others around. Im glad your sleeping pad is working. Take care my friend.


    1. I don’t know how strong I am. I don’t feel like it…but thanks for putting that into perspective. Actually, I camped about 2 miles from NOC. That climb out was nothing like I remembered it from 2016. I don’t seem to be handling the physical exertion like last time. That climb, and then Jacob’s ladder…. ate my lunch! Wish you were out here with me, friend! No, was not camping alone the night of the rainstorm but was down away from everyone else that night.


  5. I’m so glad you made it safely through the storm and those large, steep ranges. I’m am so sorry that Special Ed fell. I hope he can heal quickly. I pray that each of you on the trail stay safe under God’s watchful eye. May the pleasant weather continue. So glad you were able to shower and refresh even if was only overnight. Happy trails ahead!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Tish. I am glad you are following. I so appreciate your prayers. When I saw Special Ed, he looked like he was doing well. Unfortunately, I’m off trail again due to weather, but if I’m honest, I have to say I needed the rest. I’m not handling the physical exertion as well as last time. Safety was the main reason–ice, possible snow and cold!


  6. Dear Rebound,
    I don’t post often but I do read your blog every time and it is a great relief to know how you are doing. Beautiful pictures. All is well here. I would not last more than a couple of days doing what you are doing. Take care and keep posting.


  7. As with your last AT hike your journey is the subject of most daily lunch conversations with my co-workers here in NWA. We love keeping up with your progress. We can’t do it so we live the dream through you. I really look forward to your entries as you hike through Smoky NP. My son and I will be doing the AT section from Fontana Dam to Davenport Gap the first week of May.
    Keep Safe!


    1. You live close to me? NWA? That’s awesome that you will get to do a bit of the AT!!! I’m excited for you! I hope you have a blast! I also hope you have much better weather in May than I am having right now! I appreciate your comments and encouragement!


      1. Yes, I live in Rogers. Hike the Buffalo River trail and Ozark Highlands trail often. The weather in the smokies is a concern of mine. I am hoping for warmer weather by time we start. Looking forward to your reports. Keep on hiking!


      2. Cool! Howdy, Neighbor! I think you should be fine by the time you are out there, but if it were me, I would definitely have winter gear with me. (…as in 20 degree bag, at least, and warm clothes, should you need them.)


  8. Can’t believe how rough it can get out on the trail!!! I don’t think I could stand to be that wet while I was sleeping!! Nice to see signs of spring and getting warmer!!! Stay strong 💪


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