Entering The Smokies

8 thoughts on “Entering The Smokies”

  1. Bear Activity!!!! When we drove through the smokies we actually saw a fox and a beaver. We looked for bears, but alas none to be seen. Hey, we were in a car. We did see a stuffed one in the Ranger Staion/Gift Shop. A black bear. Rebound, do you have bear spray? Just asking?


    1. How cool to see those rare animals from a car! I’ve seen bears on the trail before. No bear spray. They are generally more afraid of us than we are of them. Our best defense is to keep food and trash out of their reach, so they don’t learn they can find an easy meal at a shelter or campsite! Other than that, we are told to make ourselves large (lift trekking poles above head and click them together) and make noise.


  2. We used to go to the Smokies all the time when I was growing up in North Carolina! My great grandmother lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have very fond memories of those days. If there was one thing I loved was the sound of the spring house and the water trickling off of the mountain into the spring


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