Gatlinburg Zero

17 thoughts on “Gatlinburg Zero”

  1. So glad you can be in a warm dry place while winter hopefully plays its last scene. Great deal on your meal! I love holing up after being on the trail for a while. Something about eating in total comfort. 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you’ve seen some other AT thru-hikers. I’m so glad they’ve made it to safety. Blessings to you! Enjoy your zeroes!

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    1. The rolls are incredible! I have two left, as well as some chicken, which I will make mini chicken sandwiches with for lunch. I had leftover donuts for 1st Breakfast at 5:30. I’ll hit the free continental breakfast later. This is the only time in my life I can (or want to) eat like this! Shocking, even to me. I’m trying really hard not to lose weight, but not to keep it by eating junk. Believe it or not, I do much better with that than most hikers (I think.)

      My knee is better, for the most part, though sometimes I still feel sharp pain that makes me limp…mostly when i go steeply downhill. I’m really glad for the extra day too! I think I really needed it.


  2. Relieved to know you are safe. And happy to know you are warm and dry. Quite an adventure. It seems like maybe you are really getting to know more of the hikers.


  3. So glad everyone survived the weather. Hopefully when you return to the trail it will be more spring-like. It has been a long winter all over the US.


  4. The weather has been really weird this year! I’m shocked that it got cool here in San Antonio (45*) the other night! I pray that this is the LAST of the cold spells, especially for you. I don’t mind cool fronts. But cold? It needs to end. I don’t want my garden to suffer. Nor do I want it to spoil your trek across the mountains. I’m so glad you’re being safe. Stay safe and enjoy your zeros.


  5. nice to catch up – crazy Brooks family week with sis-in-law returning with up. Good to hear knee is cooperating after rest & rehab. You’ve made excellent progress with all the crummy weather ! I appreciate you ability to adapt to the glitches and find pleasure in the off-trail experience also. You go, Rebound. You’ll relish spring when it catches up with you – at least minimal pollen there, eh ?


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