Therapy In Ol’ Gatlinburg

20 thoughts on “Therapy In Ol’ Gatlinburg”

  1. Thank you for your rant, Rebound! I truly enjoy getting to know you through your thoughts and experiences here. Your descriptions put me right there with you and help me see through your eyes. I love that you ARE out on the AT; no big ethereal reason needed. And, oh, the frustration of the smells from the weed smokers! Contrary to losing me, I appreciate even more how you are sharing your journey.

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      1. Happy hiking today! May the snow be melting and the air be warm. Thanks for the encouragement about a blog. Between church, family, and work I’m at my balanced capacity for now.


  2. I misread this sentence initially “I have no time or need to go peeking into someone else’s circle, unless they ask for my help or opinions.”

    What I read was that you had no time or need to go peeing into someone else’s circle. In case I ever bump into you on the trail or in NWA I want to be clear that I would definitely object to you ‘peeing’ in my circle. 🙂

    That ‘k’ I missed definitely makes a difference. The power of the misread word.

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  3. Kara, I have experienced what you did. But I have to take a stand, or, er, a seat. I for one appreciate the handicap bars at the end of a long day. I can hardly move after hiking and appreciate the aid of the bars to lower me to the seat in the privy. Lol. Seriously, Kara, anyone who knows you and Bud know that neither of you would do something without the love and support of the other. Those people don’t deserve your response to their pettiness.

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    1. 😣 …and I appreciate the extra large shower in this handicapped friendly room they put me in at this motel. Thank you for your kind regard for me and Bud. I don’t know who in the heck you are, but I like you. 💕


      1. I have no idea why it came across as cherio17. It is me, cheri. But Im glad you like me! Lol


  4. Thank you so much for saying something about the weed. I had the same experience except I was staying in the shelter. About 10 people at the table partying. First thing in the morning they lit up too. I thought maybe it was an isolated incident but I guess not. Hopefully they party will thin out farther north.


    1. Hey Hoozurmama! I don’t know why it is allowed to continue. Surely the Who’sWho of the AT know it goes on. Evil prevails when good men do nothing, I guess. I’m thinking, as you do, that these partiers will soon get off the trail, either due to not being able to keep up the pace, or running out of money.


  5. Love this post! It is from your heart! I don’t agree with you on everything but really who cares if we all agree. Differences make life so rich! I pray for your safe journey and look forward to your posts! God Bless You!

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  6. Just want to say, I can see how much Bud cares for you and you for him just by the interactions on this blog. Differences are what makes the world go round, thank God we don’t all think the same… My good thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone you meet on the trail!!! Stay safe, happy and healthy!!!


    1. Thank you for your kind words, and also for your prayers. I read a book called, “The Way They Learn, (Tobias) and it changed my life. Not only did it help me to understand myself better (and why I was the way I was) but also that other people learn, perceive, etc., different and that it is part of their makeup. There is Not only one ‘right way’…such as a sterile, brightly lit, quiet room for best learning. It’s not true. Helped me to understand hubs better too.


  7. Kara..I appreciate your words, and I also read “The Way They Learn”, and learned a lot! I also gave up a life that had my feet in the soggy mud, and Jesus put them on the “solid rock”. I also agree with you 100% on how we should live. Thank you Jesus for “calling me into His Kingdom”. What a wonderful life we can now live knowing that we are forgiven, and have access to ALL of the benefits of God. Ps. 103:2, (including the Peace of God that passes all understanding.)
    PS Don’t know how you take the cold!!
    I love you,


    1. Hi Dad! I didn’t know you read that book! It was eye opening to me, also. Yes, praise God for his forgiveness. I think I handle the cold better than you do, but I have to admit that the cold weather has been brutal to endure out here!! I really appreciate your comments and words of encouragement!! I love you, too!


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