Elmer Apologized

14 thoughts on “Elmer Apologized”

  1. I’m so glad he apologized. I guess Elmer is allowed to have a bad day too sometime. Stay warm. I’m asking that the Holy Spirit surround you tonight to bring comfort, peace and healing. Love you!

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  2. WOW, you’ve had a time of it – I suppose support chickens aren’t encouraged on the trail 😥
    You need sunshine and a hen! I’m beginning to doubt your introvert claims because you are sure coming out and kicking butt. Proud of your taking charge and looking out for your own needs ! Keep those eggs & bacon coming – comfort food and protein GOOD 😉

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    1. I would so love a support chicken!!! 🐔💕 introverts are usually good writers, and can really ‘write’ their minds, but not so good when it comes to speaking. I’ll bet I could write a heck of a letter to the editor, but I would be the person yelling, ‘Yeah! What she said!’ As someone was telling someone off. 😂

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  3. I’m so glad things are looking up! A positive turn to end an extraordinarily difficult day. Still sending prayers for a warm and healing rest and an abundance of energy in the coming days. You got this!


  4. So glad Elmer apologized!!! What an ordeal!!! I absolutely hate when you go to a meeting and they go around the table making you say something, never mind people making derogatory comments about what you said😩 You had every right to refuse doing his chores!! Chin up Rebound, your name fits perfectly❤️


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