Leaving Hot Springs

6 thoughts on “Leaving Hot Springs”

  1. Rebound is getting stronger, both personally and physically! I hate the weather is so cold. I wish they made heaters for tents that are light weight. Numb fingers and toes sound awful! The pictures are so pretty. Remember that I am praying for you along your journey. You’ve got this!


  2. Beautiful pictures, but I can imagine the dreaded frigid temps. I was so cold when backpacking once that I would wake up shivering and had to eat something (in my tent, yes) just to stop shivering. Crazy. I’m glad you have a chance to wait for warmer temps that will make for a more pleasant hike.


    1. Hey- I’m not judging. 🙂 what you say makes sense to me, and I think I’ll try eating a snack after supper. I usually eat supper around 4:00! We feed our hens scratch grains before they go to bed for that very reason– so the digestion will help heat them up and keep them warm overnight.

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  3. you know I’m older and a CHICKEN, comparatively – and subject to throat maladies so I’d have been out of there LONG AGO. You ROCK, sista !! we’re confident you’ll make the right decision for you – you’ve been tough as nails regardless. The pics are PHENOMENAL – thanks again for taking the time for us ! Godspeed and stay strong, Kara-aka-Rebound ❤


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