Home Sweet Home!

8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!”

  1. that was all great to hear and that you’re still filled with enthusiasm for the trail ! The food all sounds delicious and I know Bud’s enjoying have you cook it for him (esp all those crunchy veggies !) Enjoy your kids, one and all !

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    1. Bud has mentioned how much he appreciates my cooking, and I don’t think I was entirely accurate about Bud not being fond of veggies. I think it’s more that he doesn’t buy them when I’m gone. He can enjoy them once in a while, but he’s definitely a meat and potatoes kinda guy.


  2. It is so related to the trail. The yearning of home, how you kept hiking and how being home renewed your spirit for the next part of your AT journey.

    I hope you give us your bus ride journey, because from my experience those are quite an experience and soooo related to coming and going to the trail.

    Thank you for sharing your time at home. Very beautiful.


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