Walking at Home

16 thoughts on “Walking at Home”

    1. Soon! 🙂 I’ll send you a message. Yeah, I’m hoping the cold weather is over, too. It has been an extremely odd year. When I was walking the other day, I saw that the blackberries are about to bloom here. One of our neighbors told us that when the blackberries bloom, winter is over. I don’t, however, know if the blackberries are near blooming in Tennessee!

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  1. What gorgeous pictures of a beautiful place! I can see why your heart strings have to stretch so much when you leave. The last two nights here in Knoxville were quite chilly, and I would not have wanted to be on the trail myself in the colder mountains. The days, however, have been sunny and perfect temps for being outside. (My garden is happy.) A few days ago the ridges I see near my house suddenly burst into full green. Spring is here to stay!

    I’m praying that God will take you back to the trail at the perfect time for you and your journey.

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    1. I appreciate your prayers so much! I’m very happy that you are seeing some green on the ridges!! I hope the cold weather is giving up for the season. 🙂 …though the 60’s and 70’s are just about perfect temps for hiking during the day.

      I’d love to see pics of your garden, and I’m glad it is doing well! I don’t know if Bud will do a garden this year. His hands are pretty full holding down the fort while I am gone.

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      1. I will try to figure out posting a picture on WordPress. If I can’t put one here, I’ll put it in the Facebook feed later. Thanks! It does take some attention, and I imagine Bud is busy with the chickens and the cat and the rest of the things that go into a loving home. A garden will wait. 🙂


  2. Rebound, you have such a beautiful walk for your daily routine; thanks for sharing these pictures of your piece of paradise on earth. Hope the transition back to the Trail is uneventful and an easy one for you. I have yet to return, especially in light of the recent fires in the portion of VA I need to return to. Take care, hike on, and prayers for you & Bud. -data

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