My Favorite Hiking Day So Far

14 thoughts on “My Favorite Hiking Day So Far”

    1. 😂 I know. It’s amazing what can set us thru hikers off. Our world becomes very small out here. Sleep is important. Dusk means SLEEP! …not campfires. A snack bar that falls in the dirt can start a major crying jag. 😂

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  1. Glad to see you back on the trail. You are looking good. I wish I could get out there, but now working two jobs at least until mid July.

    It’s good to see the green on the trail. We are staring to see green grass here.

    I haven’t planned hiking trips, except for here in MN. I want to hike the SHT, the Border Route Trail and the KEK. The last 2 are pretty remote and compass may be needed. I haven’t given up on the “next great hike” idea. Lol

    I passed along your blog to Spirit and I hope you hear from her.

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    1. I’m so glad we are connected again. I hope there are hikes in your future but I understand that work comes first. Hiking has a way of making you feel alive. Maybe it’s all the exercise and fresh air! I have a friend from MN and she has told me of one trail up there.

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  2. I ended up camping next to that river, last year. I agree, this is a wonderfully and beautifully varied section to hike. If I remember correctly, you broke one of your poles last year also. So glad there was a spare in the hostel for your use.


    1. Nice! It really looked like a perfect place to camp! The grasses were a little high when I went by there or I would have considered it. The poles didn’t ever break last time. They were pretty beaten up, though, and they made it from Springer Mt., Georgia and through the White Mts. I replaced them because I was afraid they wouldn’t make it much farther. I think that was in Gorham, NH. The new design of the Walmart poles must not be as strong. I have seen expensive poles snap in half, too. This is why I’m not interested in replacing them with higher quality poles.

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  3. Wow! If it was me I’d stop at that waterfall and lay under the falls if possible and then relax in the cascading water. My hike would probably stop right there and I’d stay a for days! One of my favorite thing things for sure! The photos are fabulous Rebound!💓💕! Stay safe and remember, I’m praying for you!


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