Racing to Black Bear Resort

8 thoughts on “Racing to Black Bear Resort”

  1. I remember the Black Bear Resort. Spirit had me wash my light gray rain pants because she said they were too muddy looking. Well, I washed them and in the spin cycle the inside coating separated from the outer fabric. I had some super glue and decided to try and glue the layers back together while sitting on my bunk. When I got done, I realized the glue leaked through the pants and I had super glued them to the bunk sheet. Hahaha

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  2. Man I am so proud of you, Kara! I love your pics too. They remind me of being in the Smokey Mountains at my great grandmothers house! She had this spring house next to her house ( the house had a big porch with two big swings) and I remember listing to the spring water roll off of the mountain side right into to creek and the spring house. Man too hear that now would be such a blessing!
    I will say ….that no shower thing that hikers have to do would be a big down side for me because I get angry when I can’t shower lol
    I better store up my water in case someone attacks our water supply!!


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