The Road To Damascus, Virginia

11 thoughts on “The Road To Damascus, Virginia”

  1. Again, beautiful scenery!!! Looks like the weather has changed for the better!! Are those strawberries on the ground, they will make a nice addition to your cereal? Happy trails in VA a lovely state, we just returned from there, lots of greenery and milder temps, but we were nowhere near The Trail:)


    1. I was wondering if they were wild strawberries! No fruit on them yet. You are the third person to say Hosta Lilly for that plant, so that must be the answer to my mystery! I would love to see it bloom! Yes, the weather has definitely changed for the better. I’m going into Virginia with a new attitude. I believe it is going to be great!

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  2. Oh Kara, I loved your pictures! My favorite time of the year is when the trees get their leaves but are the lighter shade of green. We’ve been having upper 80’s to 90’s here in the afternoon but cool mornings. Wonderful weather. Our trees are now the deeper green and everything is growing. Just picked our first mess of green beans! About20-25. Stephanie and I are saving them for us, lol. So glad your fly is getting replaced. Hope you get a long hot shower and a real bed tonight! Sweet dreams!

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  3. Hooray for making it into Damascus! Love that place! Gorgeous pictures as always. Thank you for taking us there with you.


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