I Woke Up With The Birds

4 thoughts on “I Woke Up With The Birds”

  1. That look like a Coyote print.

    I did see on the ATC website that there was warnings of bear activity at a shelter just inside of Virginia.

    So good to hear that campsite was a good decision. Decisions like that are the kind I truly hated to make by myself while I was on the trail. If it was a horrible site I would have been so mad at myself for making the decision to go there. Now if someone else had made the decision to go there and I just went with them and it was horrible I would at least have company to share the misery with.🤨

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    1. I guess it could be a Coyote print. I’m not up on my ‘prints’ but I have heard a lot of Coyotes howling at night on this hike! As you know, decisions are hard for me too. I was very glad this one turned out to be a good one!


  2. Trying to catch up – that was quite a story and not a little scary 🙂 🙂
    LOVED the pony and beautiful photos.
    We interview contractors for re-piping the house and they start this morning. That should give me blesstime to sit at my desk and catch up. Looking forward to it. God bless and watch over you ❤


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