The Party Shelter and the Rain

13 thoughts on “The Party Shelter and the Rain”

  1. I feel for you Kara! Will you clothes dry before morning? I hope you didn’t sustain an injury when you fell. Do you have to leave tomorrow? I love the old school house. I have the desk grandma Woodruff used as a school teacher. Her father made it for her ( hope that’s right ). Continuing to pray for you! I hope the sunrise is brighter!

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    1. I didn’t hurt anything when I fell–just my pride. Thankfully no one was around to see it! I have been at a place where I can do laundry. When my clothes are wet from sweat, they are usually still damp when I put it hem on in the morning. How cool to have is having momento from your grandmother. I love reading fiction from this time period about teachers in one room schools! My hands were still wet from the rain when I took those pics. I guess they were still wet from the rain and the pics didn’t come out well.


  2. Rebound, I absolutely love the pictures of the grazing cows—- brings back very fond memories of a long time ago. However I must share with you the reason that the cow patties are so large is because of all that fresh, lush new spring grass and be thankful that when you fell that it wasn’t on the “cow patties”. Been there, done that.
    Little Bear’s Mom


    1. 😂 I would love to hear the full story about that fall sometime! Yes. I’m very grateful I didn’t fall in one. They are fond of piping ON the trail, so just not stepping in one was challenging! I shudder at the thought of how big those cow patties might get with all this rain we are getting! The grass is quite lush, long and green!


  3. The Settlers Museum and old school house was a great spot to take a break. it was a sun shiny day when I hiked through in April. I was most thankful for the church’s trail magic as my back was getting tight and there was an unopened tube of muscle heat cream.
    Back is feeling much better, btw.
    Stay safe with all the crazy weather Mother Nature is throwing around.


    1. Glad to hear your back is feeling better! That was amongst the best trail magic I’ve seen! They thought of everything! I read a lot of historical fiction, so it was interesting to see my books about a one room school house come to life!

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    2. I’m glad your back is doing better! That was amongst the best trail magic I’ve seen. They thought of everything a hiker might need. I even saw a brand new knee brace in there.

      I enjoy reading historical fiction so it was interesting to see my books about a one room school house brought to life.

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      1. I agree, almost a word picture of Willa Cather’s or Laura Ingalls Wilder. Another nonfiction writer you might like is Dayton Duncan. He is a historian/writer, mostly of the western states; he also is a contributor of Ken Burn’s programs.
        A local to Western NC, now, national writer, is Robert Morgan. I love reading his books as he writes of the area I live in.


  4. Well it has been raining cats and dogs here for a while. Mom said she has measured 9 inches in her rain gage so far with more still on the forecast. I hope you are doing ok. I have a trip planned for next weekend(memorial day) and the first does not look good. I’ll have to decide soon if I’m still going to do it. I hope you feel better after being cleaned up and dried out. Stay well my friend. 😊


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