New Shoes, The Guy In The Tree, and The Angry Man

17 thoughts on “New Shoes, The Guy In The Tree, and The Angry Man”

  1. I’m glad you are okay. It is unnerving to come across angry and unstable hikers/people. I always had my phone ready to try and record them, but usually forgot in the moment. Next time, just keep hiking and no eye contact. Let’s just hope there isn’t a next time. Everything is so green and blooming. Such great pictures. Hope your next few days are more enjoyable.

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    1. Thanks, Sookie. That is a good idea. I hope I can remember that! I think you are correct and it’s just wise not to even speak to him. I hope I don’t see him again. I keep thinking that those using illegal substances (especially those doing it heavily) will be dropping off the trail when the supply/money runs out. I don’t know how they can even hike! His friend made a comment implying they were fast when they hiked, but getting them to hike was the problem.

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  2. So glad to hear you were kept safe. So much drama in the world today. Last place to expect it is on a hike. Praying for the Lord to continue to send his righteousness before you.

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  3. Sounds hair-raising! I’m glad you’re safe. I hope you’re not too tired after that stressful day. Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

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  4. I’m so interested that you came upon a protester. They are building a pipeline right where you were hiking and in the future, all the trees, vegetation, and possibly even the trail will be ruined. I don’t know what they’ll do with the trail. Build under it? No idea. That guy sounds scary….. he is not using nature as therapy. 🙂


    1. I read an article that was in the motel lobby this morning. Apparently the pipeline is going through some organic farms. The first step to putting in the pipeline is cutting down trees. They have built some platforms in trees and I guess they are taking turns sitting up there. They are worried not only about the trees, but contamination of their land. The pipeline company apparently has numerous lawsuits and safety violations against them.

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      1. Yes. There is a woman who has been in a tree for a long time and they are refusing her any food or water in hopes to starve her out. They didn’t do the environmental review as required for the ground water so we’re hoping it stops it. At least for now.

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      2. I’ll keep tabs. I’m about 20-25 mins from Keys Gap (where AT crosses RT 9 and a few miles from Harper’s). If I can swing it, I can try to bring you some goodies if you’d like.


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