Virginia Picture Dump #1

10 thoughts on “Virginia Picture Dump #1”

  1. Wow! I’m glad to see your great effort is being rewarded with amazing views. Thanks for sharing. Those are views of Virginia I never saw while living there.

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    1. Me either ! Gorgeous photos. I was sharing with James to attempt to sell him on a trip to my old stomping grounds – and Melissa’s birthplace (Fredericksburg)
      You deserve an easy trail and greenery & flowers, Kara !

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    2. Yes. They are just fewer and further between, but beautiful nonetheless. I’m sure you saw views I won’t see, too, but no less beautiful. I got a taste when Mack drove the back roads when we slackpacked.


  2. Beautiful! Green tunnel for sure… I kept thinking, “Do I wear my sunglasses? or take them off?” That would be my constant struggle! lol

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