We Are Fam-I-Lee…I Got All Mah Bruthahs With Me

6 thoughts on “We Are Fam-I-Lee…I Got All Mah Bruthahs With Me”

  1. Always nice to find pleasant and familiar friends when you are out in the woods. Glad you could have some time with the fam!

    I’m curious about your hips with your current sleeping pad vs your previous sleeping pad. Any improvement from what you remember? Or do you think it’s more likely the hip-belt and weight? I hope that issues gets better for you.

    Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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    1. I had it with the Neo Air, too. I thought the problem was my pad, and that my new one had taken care of it. I don’t know if it’s pack weight, bigger miles, or longer time out without rest….or no padding left on my hips!

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  2. Very nice pictures Kara. I can’t even imagine 6 days without a bath. I feel sorry for you guys on the trail. Is it out of the question to stop at a clean stream and wash up with some soap? I guess I’m not trail material. Be safe. Hope you get a solid nights sleep soon.


    1. Yes, you could bathe in a creek (some would have issues with the soap) but they are usually very cold! Not like Texas streams and creeks at all. I have been using a ziplock with water and a bandana to clean up at night, and that helps some. If the sun would come out, I would probably hold my breath and dunk in a stream! By far, I miss showers more than anything!

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