Dragon’s Tooth, Macaffee Knob and On To Civilization

18 thoughts on “Dragon’s Tooth, Macaffee Knob and On To Civilization”

  1. Lovely pictures Kara! Boy I bet you smelled ripe when you arrived to bathe! Were you able to dry out your tent? I know the bed felt wonderful and you could rest your aching body. I hope you get through Virginia soon!

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    1. You have no idea! 😂 it’s an awful smell! The tent dries out so fast when it’s not humid…under 5 minutes if you lay it out. It took about 30. Minutes when I dried it out by the motel pool in the overcast and humidity


  2. These pictures are amazing. I would have no desire to dangle my feet either. Where did you get your desire for hiking? What an awesome adventure. Keep taking your breaks when you need them. You are one tough cookie. I am praying for you. An experience of a lifetime. 💛

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    1. Thank you, Liz! I read several books about long hikes done by women. That was the first I had ever heard of someone hiking for that long. Maybe it was all of those family camping trips that instilled a love for the outdoors. It’s also the attraction of living simply with everything I need on my back. Also, it’s something I can actually do well, and it is empowering.


    1. Ive had some very pretty views, too. They take my breath away. We have had three days of sun!!! …and the air has been drier and cooler. It has been perfect hiking weather. I don’t know how long it will last, but I am enjoying it to the max after all this rain!

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  3. The Dragon’s Tooth looks like quite a challenge! I think next week has no impending hurricanes pushing rain up through the southeast. I hope you can get some dry hiking in! What a blessing to share your journey here. Thank you! Prayers for a fun hike week!


  4. Wow girlfriend, I sure do feel bad for you with all that rain. It has been raining daily here and I now own lake front property. The swall in my front yard is full of water and they’re are even tadpoles living in it. The storm were hard yesterday was the best one yet. I’ll send you a picture. It’s amazing beautiful!!


  5. Just read about 4 of your posts in a row!!
    Pictures are stunning, I especially liked the 3 guys:) So happy you made it to a shower!! You are doing great, I feel you’re getting tougher and take more in stride then you did at the beginnings!!! Because if all that rain, humidity and no shower doesn’t break you, nothing will❤️👍🙏


    1. So true! Thank you for that observation. I hope I am making some improvements while I am out here. I’m so happy to be pics are coming out. I really can’t tell on the I phone. Those guys are having a blast! They are a hoot. I’m glad I met them.


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