Making Some Progress On Virginia!

6 thoughts on “Making Some Progress On Virginia!”

  1. Rebound,
    So great to see your posts. It sure looks like a rain forest this year. Glad to see your spirits are high and before you know it, you will be out of Virginia. Many prayers sent your way. I wish I could send you better weather, but low 40’s at night here and rain also. Snakes and privies and hiker stench…Oh My!


    1. 😂 So true! Interesting that you can tell a difference in the growth, too. I didn’t remember it being so jungle-like, either. I keep reminding myself that all this rain replenishes the springs! Thank you for your prayers! I really appreciate them! Ps: Ive enjoyed the cooler temps, recently…a little cool in the mornings, but it sure beats sweating like a big dog!

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  2. A patient of ours takes care of the hiking trail that runs through the U.P. here. I think it’s called North country national scenic Trail . I never knew about these people.


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