Northward, Ho!

12 thoughts on “Northward, Ho!”

  1. Kara, Your blog is so interesting, honest, funny, etc. that it is one of my highlights of the day when I read it. Hamilton is getting jealous of all the time I spend at the computer. He is not a lap cat but he certainly is turning into one lately. Hope you stay dry for the next day or two.


  2. Again, great photos! I’m glad you’re sleeping better. Your subconscious mind must be more at ease. Do you like beef jerky? It may help getting you a bit more protein. Next time you get into a town you may want to purchase a bottle of beta dine. Apply with a Q-tip to those blisters. It will help to dry them out. Praying for your joy and safety!


  3. Not sure I could hike/walk through some of those overgrown waist high weeds trails. The thought of snakes lurking would absolutely creep me out!

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