Privies from Amityville and Children on the Bald

14 thoughts on “Privies from Amityville and Children on the Bald”

  1. What a blessing to have a sunny afternoon! And ewww on the privy. I hope you have many more good sleeps. Praying for happy hikes for you!

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      1. I saw your post that the kids are from Dallas area. My daughter and her family live in Roanoke. I am a native of Texas also, Austin. Went to elementary school, grades 1-3, in Corpus Christi. (Dad was career Navy so we moved a lot!) Hike on and stay safe friend.


  2. Does it seem like there are more or less hikers this year than on 2016. Just curious because the number tripled in 2017.

    Don’t you always wonder when you are camping for the night and no one shows up, “Where did everyone go?”

    I can’t imaging all this foliage and being so wet. Your determination is awe inspiring.

    It is very wet here and the trails I am hiking are remote. I am bringing clippers with me and doing trail maintenance as I hike.


    1. Wow! Doing trail maintenance while on your hike is dedication, lady! I always thank the trail maintainers when I see them! It’s so appreciated! I’ve heard record numbers have quit this year. It is kind of strange because the people thin out on the trail but then they bubble up in the towns. I’m thinking more are getting comfortable with stealth camping, and dry water sources, including at shelters, has caused people to camp in strange places.


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