I Made A New Friend Of Virginia

21 thoughts on “I Made A New Friend Of Virginia”

  1. So glad you made it out of VA, Kara! And with your mind intact (a bonus). You actually look healthy in that photo at the AT Conservancy.

    FYI – My Dad was born in Covington, VA and he and his family lived in Front Royal (there’s no “e” on the end) for a time.

    Also FYI – I love coffee ice cream too! I may have to try the Ben & Jerry’s flavor if I can find it. (if for the name alone!)

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    1. Thanks, Sheila. That flavor is to die for. It’s good quality ice cream, too. It’s the best coffee ice cream I’ve ever had. Yeah… my mind is in a good place out here. I might have misspelled the name of the city.

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    1. Thank you, Visions. I eat things out here I never eat at home. Sometimes I eat when I’m not hungry, just for the calories. It’s kind of nice, but disturbing, too. I want to keep my fuel gage above ’empty’ . Once you are in the thick of the hike, it’s very hard to gain weight.

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  2. Congratulations on completing Virginia with your sanity intact!
    I am going out for a week, solo, to finish up Southwest Virginia portion of the AT. My back is feeling good and looking forward to stretching my legs on the trail.
    I enjoy seeing your pics, they are always awesome. Coffee ice cream is a favorite of mine also. Take care,


      1. Surprise! I had a slight detour from my backpacking trip! I am a RedCross volunteer and the evening before my hike I received a call for deployment to Brownsville, Texas to assist in the recovery process of flood victims.
        The AT will still be there and my bag is already packed.


  3. Hi Kara, glad to see you are doing so well. I think you look great! Such an interesting story you are living. THANK you for sharing this journey. I love you. Praying for your strenthg, stamina and that God’s angels with protect you on this trail. ❤


    1. Thank you, Liz! I appreciate your prayers so much! I feel blessed to be able to do something like this, and especially, to have a second chance to complete a thru hike. I wish everyone could have a chance to do this.


  4. Sorry to have missed you as you passed by… I’m only 20 mins from Bear’s Den and would have loved to drop trail magic off to you. Perhaps I should have done so in anticipation. 🙂 I’m glad you’re finding a new enjoyment of Virginia. I hope the rain stops soon (We all do).


    1. Oh no! I forgot! I was only thinking about rain and avoiding it or getting dry. Most of the time, I don’t even know what day of the week it is out on the trail! Life becomes very basic out here and you become hyper focused on a few things (food, water, shelter, etc.). I hope this rain will slow down, too!

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      1. No way! You are not a stranger. You have been commenting on my blog for a while now. I really appreciate that you are reading, commenting, and rooting for me, not to mention that you wanted to do something nice for me. Thank you for that!

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      2. You’re very welcome! I don’t know if I’ll ever complete the AT – I’ve done a couple of large portions of it – so I enjoy following people along their journey. 😀


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