Trail Magic From A Friend

14 thoughts on “Trail Magic From A Friend”

  1. Hey Girlfriend,
    I am on trail, so I am behind on your blog. You sound great. Isn’t trail magic the best. I’ve been treated to it the last few days. Shuttles and slackpacking from my good friend SOULFLOWER.
    I hope you continue to be blessed on your journey.

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    1. Hey-no problem! You have already given me enough support to last the rest of my hike! I know how hard it is to read blogs while on trail, with worries of battery usage, cell service, blogging, doing everything else that needs to be done while in town! I hope you are having a blast!!

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    1. Lol. @ the baby Sasquatch comment. Yeah…the other hikers did appreciated it a lot, too…and Melissa said she and her husband had a blast doing it. I’m sure you know the gift of giving and trail magic feels since you and Scott are also trail angels.


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