Pennsylvania Polka

6 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Polka”

  1. What an awesome answer to prayer! I’m so glad you are feeling better about your social contacts this time. I’m right there with you on the karaoke. Thanks for the post and pictures. Neat old cemetery!


      1. I agree! I am hoping to start blogging soon. My sister is convincing me, and reading your blog has been such a wonderful experience. I run from crowded or noisy places if I can. I LOVE all the pictures you’re posting. They take me there.

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      2. I would love to read your blog! Let me know if you start one. I might not be able to read much while I’m hiking. There is so much to do when I’m in town, not to mention writing blog posts! I would be an avid fan and reader when I get back home!

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    1. That was tongue in cheek. ๐Ÿ™„ …but it is weird to tell people my name and have them say, “Oh, I’ve heard about you. You’re the one who got off the trail in Andover.” I think people remember the story because it’s every thru hiker’s nightmare to go that far and then have to get off the trail.


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