Rock N Sole Hostel

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  1. I’m praying you get a break from the heat. Love your updates and I think it is incredibly cool that you are known on the trail. I never got to eat at the cool kids table, but being your friend, and knowing other hikers are in awe of you, makes me feel just a little bit like a cool kid. I know you are having some struggles now, but the tone in your writing seems to show you are enjoying yourself more this time around.

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    1. Well I never got to eat at the ‘cool kids’ table, either, but I feel like a cool kid being your friend, too! Just an FYI- my emails to you have been bouncing. I sent you a pic of me at Harper’s Ferry (right after I had it taken…because you are one of my cool hiking friends who would have liked to see it…and I only got a notice last week that it had bounced. That’s a long time for it to be floating in the ether! I’ve thought it sounds, at times, like you haven’t received some of my emails. You are the only person this has happened with.

      The weather has been so much better! It has been cool
      Enough that I have put my down jacket on sometimes in the morning, and pulling my quilt up on me at night. It warms up quickly, though.

      I am enjoying myself much more. As for being ‘cool’ out here, I think it’s just every hiker’s nightmare to go that far and have to get off trail. It’s a story that sticks with them. I am making an effort to talk to people more this time, so I know more people….can’t say if they like me or think I’m cool. WEIRD is probably a better description for me, and I like to hang around people who are unique. That’s what is ‘cool’ is in my book.


      1. Renound, I have no idea why my emails are bouncing back to you. I have not recieved any from you in a while. I will send one to you later today. When you get time, reply to it and we can see if that bounces back.

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  2. Sorry I haven’t been on the Comments if late. My phone is doing something weird and not linking me straight to your posts and it wants me to long in, and I never remember my password. Lol When I go to the WordPress App I never remember how to find the people I follow. I read all you recent posts though. You are doing great and have such great home support in Bud. People, our trail hubby’s do so much to make our hikes possible even though you never see them.

    There is a place further north you will have to carry more water. Didn’t realize how serious no water was until I hike 8 hours without it. Bad mistake.

    The trail is so overgrown and wet this year. All I can say is WOW. My feet would be in tough shape. All that water in the trail. Crazy! As I’m sitting here listening to more thunder. Wettest summer ever in quit some time.

    When are we going to see your new haircut?

    Take care rebound. You’ve got this. Prayers and thoughts as you continue on your journey. I’m glad you can find ways to go off trail and refuel yourself. I think that is what helped me in 2016.

    By the way, I have a young guy, Boomhauer, stay up with me I met in the trail in 2015 and again in 2016. Showed up out of the blue. Fun to host him for a while.

    Take care of yourself and keep the posts coming as you can. I lost sleep trying to post on my hike. So I can relate to maybe sometimes not wanting to do it.



    1. It’s so true, Sookie! They are the unsung heroes. That’s why I like to mention it often and thank Bud publicly. You don’t have to sign in to comment, FWIW. You have to put an email address in the box, but it won’t show to the public. You can type in any user name you want. I also have a Facebook group where Bud makes updates and my blog posts get posted. You can do a search on FB for Appalachian Sojourn, and it should come up!

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  3. Wow! That looks like a really messy trail! Glad you could find a way through. Prayers for good trails and nice weather in this coming week!


  4. That same section of trail was flooded when I went through last year and I bushweacked around most of it to keep my shoes as dry as I could. Glad to hear the water receded some for you. Love Rock N Soul!!!


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