The Heat Is On!

7 thoughts on “The Heat Is On!”

  1. Oh, girl, you are a trooper but that’s scary ! Especially the part about being dehydrated AND THE SNAKE. There’s nutty peeps everywhere, I fear. Stay smart and safe, Dearie


  2. Just finished my section hike of the Colorado trail today. We’ve had some very dry and warm weather to. Luckily the water was mostly good throughout the trail only a couple of days in the beginning where there wasn’tmuch water and we spent a few nights dry camping. Be careful out there especially with temperatures that high.


    1. I’ll try to catch up when I get my room. I’m in my tent outside of the church Hostel in Delaware Water Gap. No laundry here, but there is a shower. Too hot and stinky in the bunkroom with no AC. The he bunks are just a piece of wood…no mattresses. Moving to a motel later today.


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