16 thoughts on “Rocksylvania”

  1. Blessings to you, Kara, as you continue on your journey. This recent post is such a great witness to God’s providential care as well as to your confidence in Him. I am proud of you and your faith and steadfastness. May God continue to hold you and Bud in the palm of His hand. Karen

    On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 12:06 PM Appalachian Sojourn wrote:

    > Appalachian Sojourn posted: ” I really think Pennsylvania gets a bad rap. > It is known for its rocks… but there are other states with rocks, too! > For the most part, Pennsylvania has been flat, with few climbs. It has only > been the Northern part of the state where the rocks have tak” >

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  2. Lots of praise for a restful night and feeling better in the morning! Praying for feeling better and better in the coming days. Woohoo for making it up those rocks! Thanks for the pictures so we could truly see your climb.


  3. oh, so glad you made it through safely and hope your knee is out of mind if not out of sight. Beautiful photos, so much NATURE to appreciate but the rock climbing is overwhelming to me ! You’re a tough little chick – who prays for fawns. Love that about you !


  4. I’m relieved to know you weren’t injured worse. I think you are able to make more informed decisions this time, such as not staying in Port Clinton. Maybe you will consider hiking with me and advising me along the way? I suppose Bud may not want to give you up anymore than he has to?

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    1. I do think it has been easier this time knowing what things will be like, and even what they look like. I’ll be happy to offer advice on anything you want… but I don’t want to interfere. No, I’m pretty sure Bud won’t let me go with you. 😂 BTW…add Mosey’s Place to a good hostel to stay at-Port Jarvis, NJ.


  5. Glad to hear your injury wasn’t too bad. I remember the climb out of Lehigh Gap. I was glad I was with a hiker I met in 2015. Your pictures do the height justice. So high up. Makes my stomach ache.

    Your are doing great! So fun to sit back and enjoy your adventure. Still raining here every few days and never just a little. God’s speed. Keep safe out there.

    Planning a short hike in August in Northern Mn the KEK. I am going to get a Spot because so easy to get lost. Trail very remote.

    You’ve got this!

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    1. I’m excited that you have a hike planned! I know they are more expensive but my Inreach allows me and Bud to send each other messages. It might be more than you want. Stay safe and have fun!


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