Entering ❤️ NY

6 thoughts on “Entering ❤️ NY”

  1. Love the pictures! Beautiful state, scary downed trees. It did my heart good to read about all the food you got to eat. Wish that could be your life for a week – hike, eat, drink – and be full as a tick a few times. I hope that would help your morale and your physical self. Alas, the trail calls. I’m praying that you get more nice treats and trail magic as you continue!

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  2. Looks like you’re going thru it! Sometimes I get real concerned about you, guess it’s just Fatherly concern. That never goes away. I always pray for your safety, but, your determination encourages me in my concern. I also want you to be satisfied with your accomplishments, I surely don’t know whether I could do it, especially not now at my age, and I”m glad you are doing this at the age you are. What great pictures you are taking. God loves you my dear, and I love you also. PS. you’re surely not looking your age! All my daughters are amazingly young looking!!, and…all are amazing !

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