Just Keep Swimming…🎶

23 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming…🎶”

  1. Flipping north and finishing SOBO is a viable alternative for you. It definitely will reduce the pressure of beating the winter weather conditions later. I have often thought about that anticlimactic emotion also; wonder if any flip flippers can give you some insight?
    I think best medical test for Lyme is the ELIZA (?) blood work and is not a quick test result. Can Bud get an antibiotic script from your MD and have it called directly to closest pharmacy to you? If it is Lyme, then you will have been proactive re: treatment.
    Regardless, hope you feel better soon, prayers-Cindy

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    1. Even on my first thru hike attempt, I felt I needed Mt. Katahdin to keep me going. I’m much more open to flipping this time. I’ve enjoyed myself this time and I want to keep enjoying it–not race to the finish line. I don’t have a doc in AR. Only been to one once. He is the one who told me my Vitamin D levels were too high. ( I think I mentioned this on Facebook….two different discussions.) I also didn’t mention on the blog that I have a mild case of MS, which the doc doesn’t think is going to progress, but said stress could cause flares. So…there are a lot of things for me to consider.

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  2. I like Cindy’s wise advice. My sister and her husband flip-flopped last year when they saw that they were taking longer than expected on the trail. I must say, heading straight to Katahdin seemed to give them new energy. They made the total trail just fine. They took some fun and amazing pictures from the top of Katahdin, and it was no less climactic, IMHO.

    I hope whatever you decide, you can get some good rest and good food while you are taking a zero. You are in my prayers.

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  3. I look forward everyday for new posts from you. They are so inspirational and encouraging. .. loving all your wonderful pictures as well. Rest well in Connecticut. Praying, knowing that He will give you strength for the journey.
    💕Kay G

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    1. Thank you, Kay! I sometimes forget there are people reading that don’t comment much or say all. It helps to know people are enjoying the journey with me! I covet prayers. Thank you for praying for me. I hope things are going well for you and that your daughter is doing well!

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  4. I think the two previous commenters advice was strong.

    Since there are so many mosquitos, you may have been sickened by one of them instead of a tick. If you do get to get tested for Lyme, have them test for mosquito-borne diseases also such West Nile which is akin to the flu. You’ll feel worn out for quite a while. But, as long as you know the reason why it’d be a relief.

    I know this is individual preferences and choices. But, for me, I don’t think it’d matter if the hike was interrupted briefly, switched (flip-flopped), etc., and etc. as long as I completed the hike. Since Maine (Mt. Katahdin) closes to camping in the middle of October, I’d probably flip-flop just so that I could keep hiking on from Maine back to CT without worrying and stressing so much about deadlines. But, that is just me.

    I pray to God to help you work your way through the trail, make decisions, and with exhaustion/sickness.

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  5. My daughter lived in Rangeley, ME for a time, so I know it will be beautiful this time of year…it makes sense to flip-flop. Thinking of you and sending prayers…hoping you’re just tired and dehydrated and not sick🙏❤️ Enjoying your blog so very much👍

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  6. Thanks again for sharing your journey and the photos. I look forward to each of your updates. Just an FYI, I read lots of trail journals and it seems to me based on others that started around the same time you did (and considering the time you took off the trail in TN) that you are pretty much on pace with the others. Seems a bubble of hikers 100 miles either side of your current mile location. But as they always say Hike your own Hike. Good luck and prayers always!

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    1. Thank you for sharing my adventure–and I really appreciate you letting me know about where other hikers are. No one on the trail really seems to know where the bubble is, so it’s good to know I’m not behind. Thanks for your prayers. 💕

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  7. Kara, how is your fat intake? Your carbs? You said you did better with diet this time around, but maybe you still need more of something? Have you looked at Ritter bars? Someone mentioned them, I have not tried them so cannot speak to their taste. Some of the bars have 600 calories though I do not know if they have fats, etc. If you can add some grits to your breakfast or lunch it may give you some added energy. I was told grits have carbs that last longer than oatmeal. If this is true, maybe you are running out of energy because of that? Maybe you have to much trail left at the end of your carbs? 😀 I do know this, your first hike, you were feeling physically exhausted before this. This time, you have completed 2/3’s of the trail and have been feeling better than before. My point, you have so many miles done that it would not be surprising for anyone to feel weaker at this stage. Let me know what I can do to help.

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    1. I’ve not heard of Ritter bars. I’ll look them up. I remember you telling me about the grits. I had forgotten that. I’m putting olive oil on my food when I remember. Ive increased my snacks. Im trying to eat more when I’m in town. I really don’t know what ‘normal’ should feel like at this point for a hiker. I can understand sore and tired, but Should I be feeling weaker? It just seems like something has changed in the last week or two. I’ve also
      been having headaches. I have decided that I’m going to
      The ER to get tested for Lyme. I feel like I need to rule that out. Other hikers have told me they usually get started on antibiotics before they get the test results. I just don’t feel this kind of tiredness is normal.

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  8. I’m glad you are going to see a doctor near the trail. I have heard they are more likely to give antibiotics before results are back. The doxycycline can make you pretty nauseous so be prepared to combat it with whatever you can haul around in your food bag. I’m praying for you.


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