5 thoughts on “Massachusetts Picture Dump”

  1. Beautiful pictures, keep on keeping on. You are on a great timeline to complete the training. Have enjoyed following your travels.


  2. Kara, I’m getting “page not found” on today’s post, which you probably already know. However, it is good to anticipate news from you today. After hearing of tornadoes in Massachusetts about the time you were there, I hoped and prayed they were not in your area. Also praying your strength is being renewed daily in the tick bite aftermath. Blessings to you, Kay


    1. Thank you, Kay. I accidentally published it before it was finished so I had to save it as a draft. Notices had already been emailed. I just published it again, and you should have received a new notice with link to finished blog post. Let me know if you still can’t see it. I hadn’t heard about tornadoes! Thank you for your prayers! That one was answered, PTL!


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