VerMUD-It’s true!

10 thoughts on “VerMUD-It’s true!”

  1. Rebound, I am so glad for this post from you! I was getting worried and knew of no other way to reach out to you other than just waiting. Seemed that it had been awhile since hearing from you. Glad to know you ONLY have 2 states left and LESS than 600 miles! Congratulations all around my friend! I pray your strength returns sooner rather than later. -data
    Btw-I finally posted on my wordpress account about my Smokies hike with pictures.

    Lol. Don’t be a stick in the mud, keep on moving through it.


    1. I went 5 1/2 days without a town stop. This next one will be 6! I only do blogs when I’m in town. If you do Facebook, you can search for Appalachian Sojourn and join my group. Bud puts updates there in between my blogs. 😊 I will check out your blog! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

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  2. Love your humor! You should have told the guys you were hungry since you just “partook!” Lol

    You do not look rough. I would venture the man who offered doesn’t make judgements and just wanted to offer a “kindness” in his eyes. Seems like he is a kinder person than some of the hilers you are meeting.

    You are doing incredibly well. According to the math, if you do 9.7 miles a day for 60 days, you will finish by October 10. You know you will do more miles than that and so you will have time to add some zeros. With you not crunching the miles out, and the time you have taken to recover, you kept up with Will and Tumbles. According to the new math they now teach, a 13 mile day while sick is actually more than a 20 mile day while healthy so thats why it felt like a 20 mile day. And keep in mind you can do some slack packing to compromise, giving yourself a partial rest and still doing some miles.

    It’s good you are getting 12 hours of sleep, I’m sure you need it. Dirty Dan and Chipmunk from Minnesota are hiking. Chipmunk came off the trail due to Lyme disease but Dirty Dan is still out there. They are/were Sobos. Your perseverance has kept you out there when a younger stronger man quit.

    Do not lose heart, you will gain strength as you heal.

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    1. Awwww. 😊Thank you, Cheri. I did think it was incredibly sweet of those young men. Incidents like that restore my faith in humanity. It seems the media focuses so much on the bad. One thing I DO love about FB is that I often see videos circulated of random acts of kindness.

      One thing is for sure…I know I smelled like a bag lady.

      Thanks for working out that math for me. I’m trying not to worry but I’m leaving the option open to flip after the Whites if I need to.

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  3. Remember you need that rest so don’t hesitate to take it. You are working hard plus your body is trying to heal. Listen to your body, love it and I feel everything will work out in the end.

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  4. You’re almost done! And you’ve persevered through so much.

    Funny… someone else I’m following also posted a photo of the tree with the jagged branch. 🙂 He just passed through there a day or so ago.


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