Just a Quick Update About My Visit to the Doctor…

10 thoughts on “Just a Quick Update About My Visit to the Doctor…”

  1. What a treat to see an update from you this morning! I’m so glad you could see a thorough nurse practitioner and get some much-needed attention and information. I continue to pray for you that healing and health are yours very soon. Even if you don’t have a lot to say, your blog is wonderful to read and re-read as is. Leaving it up for a while would give us, your readers, hope as well that you will keep hiking.

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    1. I appreciate your kindness more than I can express! …and I appreciate your prayers very much! I’m so glad I met you, and that we can keep in touch with one another! Don’t give up on me…I will respond to your email soon!

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  2. I like your tweaking of the walk distance, you know you better than anyone else, except maybe Bud.
    I pray you continue to heal over time and do think about continuing to blog, even if infrequently. Your writing is excellent and your lifestyle is the envy of many of your followers, I would think, I know it is for me.

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  3. So glad to hear that you want to keep physically active. I do believe that it helps greatly. After my diagnosis and changing my lifestyle I have pretty much remained symptom free. I says prayers that you get good news when your blood work comes back.
    Live Strong!


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