I ❤️ Salisbury, CT!

People here have been so nice to me. I’ve always heard that ‘Northerners’ are stand-offish, but that has not been my experience at all! The first night here, I stayed with Vanessa, because I knew I would get in later in the day. I knew Vanessa did laundry at her house. I had a very … Continue reading I ❤️ Salisbury, CT!

The Bates Motel

The WiFi Hot Spot: This is not my hair in the shower: The rest of the shower: The broken toilet handle: Bathroom curtains: Lavatory: Cobwebs: Front Curtains: They gave me a double room. The other bed had a dip in it, so I switched to the other bed, which was comfortable. The TV has Fox … Continue reading The Bates Motel

New Jersey

Almost as soon as I left Delaware Water Gap, I crossed a long bridge over the Delaware River and into New Jersey. The state line is apparently the river. I have crossed several of these long bridges over wide rivers and they are scary, with the 18 wheelers passing by, and the bridge rumbling underneath! … Continue reading New Jersey


I really think Pennsylvania gets a bad rap. It is known for its rocks… but there are other states with rocks, too! For the most part, Pennsylvania has been flat, with few climbs. It has only been the Northern part of the state where the rocks have taken over the terrain. When I left the … Continue reading Rocksylvania

Rock N Sole Pics

I said I wasn’t going to do a special post about Rock N Sole Hostel, but it is one of my ‘favs’ so I decided to make a short post with some pics. Craig and Jody are very kind people. Again, it was like staying at the home of a family member. Jody is the … Continue reading Rock N Sole Pics

Rock N Sole Hostel

I hated to leave that hotel, but I knew I would be staying at one of my favorite hostels in a day and a half. I had a maildrop box going to Rock N Sole Hostel. It was one of my favorites from 2016. The forecast said more rain was coming with a cool front. … Continue reading Rock N Sole Hostel

Happy Fourth of July!

I was not in a good frame of mind the next day. I was tired of feeling hot, dehydrated, stinky…and my eye hurt. I put in a new pair of contacts, and that seemed to help some. I didn’t see one person on the trail that day. I also knew from looking at the forecast … Continue reading Happy Fourth of July!