VerMUD-It’s true!

I passed into Vermont on my second day back on the trail. I typically don’t like stereotypes, and in all honesty, I do not remember Vermont being this way in 2016. MOST of Vermont has been mud, rather than trail this year! I’m not joking. There have been long stretches of mud and water puddles, … Continue reading VerMUD-It’s true!


I got the results of the tests I had done in the E.R. I tested Negative for Lyme, but Positive for Ehrlichia- a tick-borne Disease that is similar to Lyme, and also treated with antibiotics. Basically, when you get bitten by a tick infected with the bacteria, it transfers the bacteria into your bloodstream and … Continue reading Ehrlichia

I ❤️ Salisbury, CT!

People here have been so nice to me. I’ve always heard that ‘Northerners’ are stand-offish, but that has not been my experience at all! The first night here, I stayed with Vanessa, because I knew I would get in later in the day. I knew Vanessa did laundry at her house. I had a very … Continue reading I ❤️ Salisbury, CT!

New Jersey

Almost as soon as I left Delaware Water Gap, I crossed a long bridge over the Delaware River and into New Jersey. The state line is apparently the river. I have crossed several of these long bridges over wide rivers and they are scary, with the 18 wheelers passing by, and the bridge rumbling underneath! … Continue reading New Jersey


I really think Pennsylvania gets a bad rap. It is known for its rocks… but there are other states with rocks, too! For the most part, Pennsylvania has been flat, with few climbs. It has only been the Northern part of the state where the rocks have taken over the terrain. When I left the … Continue reading Rocksylvania