Rock N Sole Pics

I said I wasn’t going to do a special post about Rock N Sole Hostel, but it is one of my ‘favs’ so I decided to make a short post with some pics. Craig and Jody are very kind people. Again, it was like staying at the home of a family member. Jody is the … Continue reading Rock N Sole Pics

Rock N Sole Hostel

I hated to leave that hotel, but I knew I would be staying at one of my favorite hostels in a day and a half. I had a maildrop box going to Rock N Sole Hostel. It was one of my favorites from 2016. The forecast said more rain was coming with a cool front. … Continue reading Rock N Sole Hostel

Happy Fourth of July!

I was not in a good frame of mind the next day. I was tired of feeling hot, dehydrated, stinky…and my eye hurt. I put in a new pair of contacts, and that seemed to help some. I didn’t see one person on the trail that day. I also knew from looking at the forecast … Continue reading Happy Fourth of July!

Trail Angels

I had packed out three liters of water the night before. I’d drunk a liter and a half by the time I went to sleep. In the morning, I used a little over half a liter for breakfast and drinking. I had about 3/4 of a liter to get me to my next water source. … Continue reading Trail Angels

The Heat Is On!

I woke up early, and was on the trail by 6:00 a.m. the next morning. I was hearing rumors of heat indexes nearing 105. I wanted to get most of my hiking done before it really started to heat up. I was drenched in sweat before 7:00 a.m. I would be going into Duncannon, PA. … Continue reading The Heat Is On!

Pennsylvania Polka

I had a mail drop waiting in the next town at the Post Office, but if I left that day, I would arrive in Duncannon on a Sunday when the Post Office was closed. This would require an overnight stay to pick up the package on Monday. Since the hotel I was at in Mt. … Continue reading Pennsylvania Polka

My Slackpack Day

I was dropped off at Boiling Springs, PA, to hike back to Pine Grove Furnace State Park. There is an ATC office there. It was closed when I arrived. The town of Boiling Springs was very quaint. Again, I was glad that I had the chance to drive the roads OFF the trail. The slackpack … Continue reading My Slackpack Day