On The Way Home!

8 thoughts on “On The Way Home!”

  1. What an incredible adventure you have had in the last few days! I’m so glad that you are both home safe and sound, and I’m glad you got to spend time with your trail angel friends as well. Sounds like God put you and Bud in perfect places with great people at the right times. Enjoy your hiatus at home!

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  2. o.k..I’ll be the one to ask – have you thought about just staying home with all your 2 & 4-legged family ? or are you even more stubborn than ME – I’m betting you’re more DETERMINED and less likely to be side-tracked. Enjoy every day, whatever you’re up to !


    1. Oh, yeah! I have absolutely thought about it. 😀 It’s great to be home. I normally live here by choice, and it’s a wonderful place to be…but I’ve sort of put a lot of effort into getting ready for this hike, and it’s important to me to see it through. Admittedly, it will be hard to go back, but it’s something I need and want to do. I want to make it to the Big K!

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