Something I did not address, but hinted at…

10 thoughts on “Something I did not address, but hinted at…”

  1. Hi Rebound!! I feel like I’m reading a novel as I’m following you, I just read 4 posts in a row!! Enjoying it so much, you are amazingly strong!!! Love that you’ve made the Grapevine, also that you had a comfortable place to stay for your birthday!!
    Happy Birthday!!! Looking forward to more posts!!! 🙏👍❤️


  2. Rebound, if the only thing you don’t like about that neo air is blowing it up, I just read they have a pump bag. May be something to consider if your new sleep pad gives you more trouble. Glad you are doing well.


    1. I asked about a pump bag in Franklin, but they needed the pad to make sure the nozzle fits. I also don’t like hat the Neo Air is so NOISY! …but I really don’t like blowing it up. I saw someone with a battery powered pump. Checked at both outfitters in Franklin for pump and pump bag. No 🎲.


  3. I was wondering about the leak that you implied in your other posts. I hope there are no more leaks and that you have much comfort on this sleeping pad. Thanks so much for filling in that spot of your story. Hike on! Thank you for your wonderful posts, Rebound, and Happy Easter!


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