Day 2 In The Smokies

10 thoughts on “Day 2 In The Smokies”

  1. So glad you got some warmth the first 2 nights! Hard to warm up once you start shivering. Praying for warm weather for you soon.


  2. I’m so glad you moved to the next shelter. Wise choice. The fireplace was such a lucky feature. Any type of warmth sounds like an extra bonus! May God continue to watch over you and your fellow hikers. It is also cold and windy here in Conroe but not near cold enough for snow. I understand you made the shuttle to Gatlinburg! I am so thankful! It’s a quaint and beautiful little town. PS. Continue to listen to your inner voice! It sounds like a wise, wise voice!


    1. That is major if Houston is having a cold snap. Winter won’t let go! You should have warned people about the spoiler! 😂Yeah, I made it…was too tired to finish the story last night. Went to bed early, and woke up at midnight with gnawing in my stomach. Now here I am sitting in bed, reading comments and eating Fritos, which I bought earlier because I’ve been having bad cravings for them and hiker hunger. I’m counting the hours until I can have coffee and ‘Continental Breakfast.’ 😂


  3. Dear Rebound, I’m glad you had a dry and warm night minus Mr. Creepy. It’s nippy here in Houston and kind of dreary. I’ve actually spent two nights in Gatinburg in a motel with Dale and our godson. In fact, it was a brand new motel and no one had stayed in our room as yet. Motel 6. Have fun and be careful. c


    1. How cool that you got to christen a brand new room. I would have been freaking out that I would mess it up! My version of having fun, even in Gatlinburg, is holing up in the motel with food and a good book! …or the weather channel. It sure feels good to be warm and to rest my body! Everything still hurts!


  4. That was a smart choice to leave that shelter Kara. You know what they say about gut feelings. There are so many creeps everywhere these days. I’m glad you found a good shelter ! God is certainly watching over you, my friend!!


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