The Land Flowing With Blackberry Milkshakes, Burgers and Bears

9 thoughts on “The Land Flowing With Blackberry Milkshakes, Burgers and Bears”

    1. Lots of people do! I guess I’m in the minority. There really were lots of deer! …and bears. Someone told me they read that Grayson Highlands were shut down due to bear activity. Do you know if this is true?


  1. Beautiful photos! I had heard that the trail crosses the road several times throughout the park. You got amazing photos of wildlife! I’m so glad you’re feeling better this round. You look amazing! I’m praying that all the goodness continues!


  2. Curious…when they close a section of the trail due to bear activity is it a case where they advises you not to use it but you are allowed to do so at your own risk…or does the ‘closing’ carry the weight of ‘law’ where there is a penalty if you go into a closed area?


    1. I have no idea! I hadn’t heard of this happening before. I’ve seen shelters that are closed due to bears, but not the trail. I’d consider that a rumor until it is confirmed. When shelters are closed, I highly doubt it’s enforced by law. There are many places that have signs telling you there has been bear activity and to exercise caution, but they don’t close the shelter.


      1. What…you don’t know EVERYTHING about the AT? I am shocked and bewildered….

        Just kidding of course. Thanks for patience with those of us that are curious…but still on our couch


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