One State Down!

13 thoughts on “One State Down!”

  1. Omgsh, Rebound! You had me on the edge of my seat with the description of your cold night and now I can’t wait to read the next installment! LOL! Great pictures, and what a treat to see you at the GA/NC line. 100 miles is quite an accomplishment in this weather we’ve had so far. That view from the tops is by far the BEST reward for the effort. Thank you for the pictures of the trail and the views. I’m drinking those in. Even in the winter/early spring those are beautiful. Praying for rewarding trails in the coming weeks!

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  2. Hey! There is no option to ‘like’ the blog! I ‘dislike’ not being able to ‘like’ it (but I do like it, regardless)!
    PS the video didn’t work for me, but what the hay … it’s the thought that counts!


  3. Video worked for me…and don’t worry if people don’t like it the horizontal vs. vertical format…just remind them that they had the option to do the hike themselves and do the video their preferred way. #DontComplainFromTheCouch


  4. Your images are great and are making me long for the trail even more. So true that it gets in a hikers blood. Your writing brings it all to life. The hike can be so hard at times, but oh so many rewards. Hike on Rebound, hike on.


    1. I’m so glad you found my blog! You are one of the hikers that made an impact on me on 2016. You probably didn’t even know it because i stayed to myself. I know how hard it is to sit on the sidelines reading about hiking the trail once you have been on it! Hope there is another hike in your future! Thanks for your comment!


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