Grayson Highlands and the ‘Wild’ Ponies

11 thoughts on “Grayson Highlands and the ‘Wild’ Ponies”

  1. Hey! We are headed to the DC area the end of June, and will travel north a bit, through NY. Keep me posted on where you are, and maybe we can share some trail magic with you! Something to maybe look forward to!

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  2. We lived in Virginia for 3 years and the area you hike thru is certainly beautiful. I hope your new approach gives you the renewed outlook you need. You are accomplishing wonderful things, I am amazed. Be safe out there.

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  3. Thank you for the beautiful pictures on the previous post and on this one! I never get tired of seeing the trail and mountains. I hope Virginia continues to give you wonderful experiences!


  4. How great is it to be recognized from a previous years hiker? Did it help ease any discomfort when you soaked your feet? There are still people who are open to adding to their trail family, don’t give up. I think staying in doirs every 3 days or so may help. Give you something to look forward to. It’s just a tad easier to hike a day or two in the rain when you know you can get under a roof the third day. I’m not diminishing the difficulties of hiking in the rain, it really does wear on a person.

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    1. Thank you for this comment. I’m certainly hoping that my new plan will help. I was kind of freaked out at being recognized, because I was sort of a loner last time…much more than this year. I can honestly say I’ve let people know me a bit more this time… but yeah… I guess it felt good. Okay… I won’t lose hope yet…since you said all hope is not lost yet. ☺️Love you, friend!

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  5. I was surprised by this section. I expected it to be a lot less rocky. The ponies were amazing. I went through the park on a very cold and windy day in September. So I didn’t have any very sunshiny pictures. Your pictures are amazing.

    Arkansas Traveler, you are famous! So many people know you. It sounded like a very good day.


    1. I was surprised at the rocks, too! I hope you can revisit this section some time on a good weather day. I can see how it might be more enjoyable as just a section….but I thoroughly enjoyed it this time!


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