Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

10 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down”

  1. Be safe my friend. Mack sounds like a fine Christian man; I am sorry I missed his hostel whenI was hiking through that area.
    FYI-my back has done well with slackpacking and I will be doing a 4-day shakedown backpacking trip the middle of June; will update you then.
    BTW- I love that song by the Carpenters, “Rainy Days and Monday”


  2. There are truly some amazing people that you run into on the trail. They bring a smile to you face and make you feel blessed.

    I cancelled my hiking trip this weekend. I planned to hike the Foothills trail but didn’t want to do it with the 5 days of rain forecasted.
    I’m pretty repressed about it.

    I may go car camping and just hike some of the trails around the campground. I’ve had some boughts with depression since coming back from my hike and if I don’t get out and hike I just may go crazy.

    Hope things dry up for you. Hiking in the rain sucks!😥


    1. I’m sorry you had sent to cancel your hiking plans. I don’t blame you for not wanting to hike in the rain. It’s not fun at all. 😦 At least you still have a fun trip later in the summer to look forward to.


  3. I so enjoy your pics and your stories of your travels….it takes my mind off of this Master’s degree (man I am getting tired of school)! I just got a job here in Vegas as a intern in Safety/Security for Allegiant Airlines. I start tomorrow and I am very nervous because the last time I began a new job was in 1989 when I started with Frito-Lay! Anyway, I very much enjoy reading your posts! Apparently there is still much beauty to be found! Stay safe my friend!


    1. Congrats on the new job!! I hope it is going well for you. Starting a new job is always stressful but it will be okay once you settle in. I also have think it’s awesome that you are working on your Masters Degree. You’ll be very glad once it’s all said and done.


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